Lola was being kissed by a perfect stranger when she stepped on a dead clown.

The fun had started a little late that Saturday. It looked like all the men had been abducted and replaced with brainless monkeys until He appeared.

He was the tall dark stranger Lola was waiting for. He wore a leather jacket and an almost diabolic smile. But most importantly, the thing that made her fall in love with him was the fact that he didn’t speak to her. She could imagine a thousand stories about him: a shy man looking for his soul mate, an outlaw that became a good man just by looking into her eyes…

Lola danced without saying a word until he kissed her. She was surprised at first, even though she had been willing it since she saw him, but when he stuck his tongue out and showed her a tiny yellow piercing with a smiley on it she couldn’t help herself and whispered: «Let’s go somewhere».

They ended up in an alley illuminated by the flickering light of a street lamp. He pushed her back into the brick wall and tried to take her blouse out. Lola, feeling a little coy for no reason, asked him to go deeper into the alley so no one could see them.

When she finally felt comfortable, she noticed something soft and shapeless under her high heels: “What the..?”

And there he was. A man in a colorful rayon suit with rests of white make up and a shocked expression on his face.

Lola was petrified looking at the dead body, and wondering, without really knowing why, where could his red nose be?.

She turned to the stranger to make sure she was right, and there was a dead clown laying in front of her. «Are you seeing this?» she asked. But no one was there. «Coward…» she moaned.

Lola didn’t want to be there but she had been taught that dead people deserve some sort of respect. She got out of the alley, unable to be near to the dead clown, and called the police.

“Yes?” said a metallic voice, “I need help, there is a dead man here…”, “Yes, honey, and you’ll be next. Enjoy your run.” And he hung up the phone.

Lola was speechless. She looked around trying to figure out if this was some kind of a psychotic joke, hoping that a histrionic TV presenter would jump from a dark corner screaming at her: Surprise!

None of that happened so she tried again. No dialing tone. She went back to the alley thinking of taking some pictures of the dead body to show the police proof, so they would believe her

She went paralyzed when she realized there wasn’t any dead man laying on the floor.

Lola didn’t let herself think of a reasonable explanation for the disappearance and just run away.

She was out of breath but she could see her home so near… She made a last effort. Unfortunately, she slipped and stayed face down on the floor. Lola lifted her head to see what had made her fall down and saw a red piece of bloody meat with a smiley piercing on it.

Her screams didn’t let her hear the laughs behind her.

Thank you very much José Torma for your correction. I really appreciate your effort. I hope my next story in English  won’t need so much red pen! 😉

7 comentarios sobre “Smile

  1. that was…wicked! I already kind of find clowns creepy, and the guy lola was with, was creepier.
    I found some thing:
    «He was the talk (tall) dark stranger »
    «“Are you seeing this?” said. But no one was there. “Coward…” (she?)moaned.»
    Other than that, I was immersed in the story. I found his a good story (and scary )

  2. Toda una valiente atreviéndote con un texto en inglés y que no pierda esencia. Toda mi admiración por este relato .
    Totally amazing, i’m afraid i’ll never see the clowns as i used to.

  3. I have not read this yet.
    First I want to congratulate you Ira for doing this in english. I hate clowns, ever since I was a little kid they scare the beejeezus out of me. Then I read IT and let’s just say that Clowns became scarier.

    But out of admiration and respect for your work, I will read this but let me be clear, if I have nightmares… those are on you lol.

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